“Doctor Aviation is a perfect program for anyone interested in aviation. Whether you have extensive knowledge of aviation or are brand new to the aviation world as a whole, Doctor Aviation offers a plethora of knowledge.  I am a big history buff, so the history of aviation and notable aviators sections particularly interested me.  Doctor Aviation also makes the science of aviation accessible to anyone.”

Colin, CAP Member, Missouri

“Doctor Aviation was the best program I have ever used. It helped me to understand all the different aspects of aeronautics with clarity and detail. It covered everything from the different aircraft and how they work, to learning about historical aviators like Neil Armstrong. After learning about a variety of careers within the aviation world, it equipped me with the knowledge I need to pursue a career in aviation. Thank you, Doctor Aviation.”

Maggie, Age: 16, Homeschooled, Indiana

“From the Wright Brothers to modern aircraft, Dr. Aviation held the attention of our students and our staff. We all learned so much from the course. It’s the next best thing to actually flying!”

Dr. Samuel R Ronicker, Director, Operation Rebirth, St. Paris, Ohio

“My twin boys have had the opportunity to take Dr. Aviation’s class.  It enabled them to have some variety and a “fun” class that was also full of learning.  Their favorite part was the notable / historical events.  Anytime we had a question, Dr. Aviation quickly responded and encouraged them.  If you have a student interested in anything mechanical or historical, this would be an enjoyable addition to their curriculum!”

Renee, Homeschool Mom, Ohio

“With so much reading, we’ve actually decided to count at least some of it towards credit in Literature.”

Meg, Homeschool Educator.

“Until I had watched the introductory video and first lesson, I would have told you that I had no desire to learn about aviation or aviation history. But then I watched the video and found myself wanting to learn more. I was drawn to the stories told and the revealing of the “mystery” behind flight. I have thoroughly enjoyed having this course to enrich my own learning and I enjoyed watching the videos at night, after the girls had hit the hay, when it was quiet. I found that I truly enjoyed learning all that Doctor Aviation had to share.”

Lori, Homeschool Educator and Blogger

“When we first discovered Doctor Aviation, my son began salivating right at the keyboard!

This go-around, we’re primarily using it as a summer unit study, and for the vast majority of his Boy Scouts Aviation Merit Badge. However, we give this program an A+

‘Doctor Aviation’ incorporates anecdotes from his actual experiences into the lectures, bringing the concepts to life!

As an adult or high school course, this is fabulously done!

Completing this course gave him all of the background knowledge required for the Aviation Merit Badge for Boy Scouts.”

From Holly/Gypsy Road Blog.

“Oh! I mustn’t forget to tell you about this handy feature: GUIDED NOTES. They follow the script really well and help you retain the information presented.

… found ALL the options for increasing the scope of the lessons great. Books to read, projects to do, so many options it was great. Incorporating the different senses and styles of learning. Let’s build a wind tunnel, or draw a map outlining someone’s journey or…. so many options it was great!

I LOVE how the lessons are set up the same. Course title, video, things you need to see about doing and additional resources. It’s all quite logical, with clean crisp edges that don’t distract from the lessons to be learned.”

Annette, Adult Learner, Canada

“I especially enjoyed the historical segments and found Doctor Aviation to be a very good story teller…

We found the extra resources to be very helpful because we love this type of learning style, where we are encouraged to dig deeper…”

Teresa, Homeschool Educator, Sheep Rancher, North Dakota.

“Here is what they state about why they donate: “Doctor Aviation is deeply concerned about the cultural pressures hurting young people today. We want health and healing for America.” This just warmed my heart and I was even more excited to have my son learn from such a reputable company.

As my son began the classes he was impressed with the knowledge that the instructor had

The site is easy to navigate and it keeps track of your progress. It is geared for people 16 years and older, but I think a family could take the class together and learn so much about aviation.”

Betty, Homeschool Educator/Blogger.

“You can view the entire first session online. The beginning of this video tells how the course works and is really informative, so if you are not sure about it or wondering if it’s a good fit for your family, watching that first part of the video is super helpful. I was completely sold on the program after watching that introduction.

The rest of the video lesson progresses and you will see what each lesson will look like after that. It’s a really great way to see if it is a fit for your family and is super generous of the company to let you view an entire lesson as opposed to a sample.”

Linda, Homeschool Educator.

“We actually have been able to have a conversation with the presenter. When a person or place was mentioned in the lessons that my son recognized or knew something about, he wanted to send an email and tell Doctor Aviation about that experience. In lesson three, he briefly mentioned Bob Hoover. What is really cool is that several years ago we actually met Bob Hoover and were able to get a picture taken with him. Each time we emailed him, Doctor Aviation responded right away with encouragement and thanking us for sharing with him.”

Linda, Homeschool Educator.

“Given a six-month subscription to the aviation course with 15 lessons to cover, this course could easily work out to a 1/2 credit, or semester long class for your high schooler.

If your child chooses from the suggested reading material, you could add some literature and history credits and by working through the video portion of the course your child will get history and physics as well as the aviation you might count as an elective.

This is a fantastic course for any high school aged child who is interested in flight and heroism. And the course has helped my son to expand his knowledge of flight and cement his character just a bit stronger.”

Kirsten, Homeschool Educator California.