Homeschool can be used as either a .5 credit or 1.0 credit course.  Most families use the course as a science elective.  The course description and ideas as to how to tailor the course for credit are found below:

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Course Description

Aviation: Physics, People, Places.  This course examines the physics underlying flight.  The forces acting upon an aircraft and airfoils are discussed in depth.  Lift and drag as well as Bernoulli’s equation are covered.  The principles behind radar and stealth technology are also demonstrated.  Important pioneers in aviation science as well as events and places are detailed.  Finally, the course touches on several famous aircraft accidents and the factors that led to the mishaps are explored.

Using Doctor Aviation as a Science Elective

Most home school families use this course as a science elective.  The course has fifteen video sessions.  The sessions are accompanied by guided notes and a downloadable pdf containing additional educational items that can be pursued and tailored to each student.  There are two examinations, plus a final examination.  The length is suitable for a semester long course (one session per week, plus activities) adding the Final Exam completes a sixteen week course of study.  Others use the course in a condensed version as a summer course.

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Using Doctor Aviation as a Literature/History Elective

Note: Families have also used the course as both a Literature elective and/or a History elective.  This is accomplished by using the recommended reading resources found in the downloadable Session 1 “To Learn More” pdf.  Register now to access the course and resources.

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