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Modules and Lessons Covered

  • Session 1: The Aviation System (Notable Innovator: The Wright Brothers & Legendary Aircraft/Event: First Flight at Kitty Hawk)
  • Session 2: The Major Components Of The Aircraft (Notable Innovator: Chuck Yeager I & Legendary Aircraft/Event: P-51)
  • Session 3: Axes & Forces (Notable Innovator: Chuck Yeager II & Legendary Aircraft/Event: Breaking the Sound Barrier)
  • Session 4: Why an Aircraft Flies (Notable Innovator: Amelia Earhart & Legendary Aircraft/Event: Earhart Round the World Flight)
  • Session 5: Why an Aircraft Turns, Pitches and Slides (Notable Innovator: Daniel Bernoulli & Legendary Aircraft/Event: UAL Flight 232 Incident)
  • Session 6: The Secrets Of Radar (Notable Innovator: Kelly Johnson & Legendary Aircraft/Event: Stealth Fighter)
  • Session 7: The Air Traffic Cops (Notable Innovator: Neil Armstrong & Legendary Aircraft/Event: First Flight to the Moon)
  • Session 8: Keep ‘Em Flying: Aircraft Maintenance – Propeller Engines (Notable Innovator: Nate Saint & Legendary Aircraft/Event: Cessna 172)
  • Session 9: Keep ‘Em Flying: Aircraft Maintenance – Jet Engines (Notable Innovator: Build Your own Airplane Kits & Legendary Aircraft/Event: F-14 Tomcat)
  • Session 10: The City in and of Itself: Running a Large Airport (Notable Innovator: Dutch Kindelberger & Legendary Aircraft/Event: Boeing 747)
  • Session 11: The Small Airport and Running an FBO (Notable Innovator: Charles Lindbergh & Legendary Aircraft/Event: First Transatlantic Flight)
  • Session 12: Flying in the Clear and Not so Clear Air: VMC and IMC (Notable Innovator: How to become a pilot & Legendary Aircraft/Event: JFK Jr. Crash)
  • Session 13: Important Pilot Instruments – Altitude Indicator (Notable Innovator: Tex Johnston & Legendary Aircraft/Event: Eastern 401 Everglades Incident)
  • Session 14: Important Pilot Instruments – Airspeed Indicator (Notable Innovator: Edgar Schmued & Legendary Aircraft/Event: UAL Flight 173 Incident)
  • Session 15: Other Aviation Ships: Gliders, Helicopters, Airships (Notable Innovator: John Gillespie Magee Jr & Legendary Aircraft/Event: Hindenburg Blimp Incident)

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