Apr 20th, 2015

The Aviation World: Oh The People you will Meet

High School Student discussing Doctor AviationFamily meets Doctor Aviation

One week ago I was at the Home School Convention in Cincinnati and I met so many interesting and nice people. A really cool part was the different folks who approached me who worked in the aviation world. There was the couple who had met as aeronautical engineers. They met at after Embry-Riddle (one was in Daytona, the other at the Prescott AZ campus), became aeronautical engineers, fell in love and got married. Now he works as an engineer and she stays home with their two young children.

Then there was the man who helps builds aircraft engine at General Electric in Cincinnati. He invited me out to see their engine museum. There was the former Purdue Boilermaker working in aerospace in Dayton Ohio (an aviation mecca) as an engineer. Then there was the pilot for Jet Blue and the gentleman who works in real estate who has his own jet (along with some great footage of him flying it at the Kokomo Air show). Finally there was the guy who got his certified Flight Instructor rating right after 9/11 and was never able to get a flying job, so he manages apartments, but stills love aviation.

Probably my favorites were several high school students (Allie, Colin, etc.) who are considering aviation as a career. What united all of us? Sitting around and talking about different facets of aviation and what drew us to that field. I look forward to that continuing as Doctor Aviation grows.

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