Mar 16th, 2016

Seven: The Number of Completion

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The Mercury 7: The first group of American astronauts selected in 1959.  This is just one of the many ways that the number seven has been significant in aviation.

Each of the capsules in the Mercury program had “7” in the name: Freedom 7 (Alan Shepard); Liberty Bell 7 (Gus Grissom); Friendship 7 (John Glenn); Aurora 7 (Scott Carpenter); Sigma (Wally Schirra); Faith 7 (Gordon Cooper).  The astronaut on the flight had the honor of naming the capsule.

Here is a link celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Mercury 7:

So why I am writing about the number seven today?  We are celebrating the posting of Session Seven in the series.  With the posting of Session 7 the first series is complete!

Session 7 has not been easy.  We had had several technical difficulties.  We have endured bad weather (high winds, fog), technical difficulties (lost audio clips, rendering problems) as well as re-shoots.  Most of the sessions following seven were posted well before seven was complete.

That word “complete” has an ironic twist.  A study of the Hebrew used in Biblical texts, reveals that the number seven is the number of completion (e.g. Six days of Creation, Rest on the Seventh).  How ironic that Session Seven would also signal completion for the first series in Doctor Aviation.

I hope you enjoy it as you take your mind to flight!

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