Feb 20th, 2021

NASA Perseverance Lands on Mars

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First photo of Mars from Perseverance

NASA lands the Perseverance Rover on Mars.  February 18, 2021 marked the date.

Photo from Viking II

I can’t believe that NASA just landed their fifth vehicle on Mars.  The first occurred in 1976 as I was entering my freshman year of high school.  I can still see the pictures from Viking I in my mind’s eye.   That was July 20, 1976 as the Olympics were unfolding in Montreal. 

Rather than me trying to summarize the feat, I direct you to the NASA site.  Hopefully we will learn some interesting facts about our nearest neighbor in the Solar System.  Some think we will find life.  They have been thinking that since 1976. 

In fact, NASA excitedly announced they had found life on Mars back in 1976.  Then had to recant a few days later when they realized they had erroneous data.  Life on Mars, don’t bet it.  Life is contained on earth in this solar system. 

Be that as it may, Perseverance will be reporting more information as the weeks unfold.  It revolutionary design should make it very suitable for the job.  Well done NASA!

Perseverance in the Lab
Artist’s Depiction of Perseverance Landing

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